Spreading our wings,
                                 Realizing our vision

 It has been six years since the world discovered Molly & McGee.  In those years, the community that was born out
of this internet phenomenon chose to stay in touch even after the owls were gone. "MOD Meets" were held all over the country, connecting people  who had previously  known each other only by a chat name and an avatar.  
Over these years,  a desire to create something lasting and meaningful from our connection began to take shape. 

In September, 2015  the MOD community gathered in Minneapolis, MN for the 2015 International MOD Meet
At this event,  we  launched  what will become the legacy of Molly & McGee:  The MODs Foundation

2017 MOD Meet 





                                 The MODs Foundation is pleased to announce our first "Emerging Artist" Grant. 

                            This small stipend grant has been awarded to 

                        BONITA LYON

                             for exploration of her paper cut owls. 

                    Congratulations, Ms. Lyon.
                       We look forward to seeing where this exploration takes you. 

Ms. Lyon has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, and the connection between her art and her health is of paramount importance. The MODs Foundation is honored to support her as she navigates this new transition in her life, and we look forward to hearing about her journey. 


Information and applications for MODs Foundations grants will be available on this website soon. Please check back for links. 


Please go to our " support " page, and make a tax-deductible donation to help us set a solid base for the future of the MODs Foundation.
Thank you so much for your support! 

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Thank you

The 2015 International MOD Meet was the inaugural fundraising event for the MODs Foundation. 
Money raised at this event will go toward establishing the base for charitable giving on an
ongoing basis. The Foundation adopted "Whisper," a MN Raptor Center educational barn owl, as our
first charitable action. We then made an "Emerging Artist" award to a woman to support her work as she navigates a new health diagnosis. 
As we continue to grow, we will also set up  funds from which we will make micro-loans and grants to individuals 
and organizations who need short-term support for their work, whether it's in conservation, education, research, or art. Each applicant will be judged based on our mission criteria, and forms will be made available for application.  
Our focus will be to support work that  advances our understanding , enjoyment, and connection to the natural world and its inhabitants.  We seek to find and encourage awareness and appreciation for nature in all her many forms, and how that awareness can  be linked to our physical, mental and emotional  health.